Hello, I'm Judith Norman, Founder of Braindrops Play Therapy & Wellness LLC. 

This is me in 5th grade. I was born in New York, moved to Idaho Springs, Colorado 

when I was 8, and then to Lakewood, Colorado for junior high and high school.

I headed to California for university and stayed on the west coast, started a family and

then moved to Japan in 1999. My children were one and six when we moved to Japan.

We lived there for over 8 years and we all struggled with the transition back to the US. 

We've lived in Fort Collins for the past 12 years, and have really come to think of it as


If I described myself in one word, it would be EXPLORER. I am always seeking out 

new information, new experiences, new ideas, and new landscapes. According to my parents,

this has always been true. I was quite good at disappearing, in the service of exploring, of course. 

I am passionate about supporting children. Coincidently, there is always something new going on with every child and every family. The journey is never the same. I'm fortunate to always have many little explorers along, to guide and shape the adventures.

                                                          For my more "formal" background please see my resume. 




"I can't even begin to explain how incredibly awesome Judy Norman has been to work with.

She went way, way, way above and beyond for our family. She is so down to earth,

professional, honest, respectful, a good role model, funny, and so much more."

​                                -- Quote from a client               


​Braindrops, a place to connect with yourself, your child, and other parents.

Working to promote secure attachment and self-regulation, Braindrops provides therapy, parent education and family & school support.

Grounded in a neurobiological approach to therapy, we work at the level of the nervous system.  This combines neuroscience, physiology, biology, psychology and the newest understandings of the interconnectedness of the mind and the body.  Our ultimate goal is integrated support for families. To this end, we're always looking for opportunities to  collaborate  with other professionals in our community.

Braindrops is an approved Synergetic Play Therapy Center 

Braindrops Play Therapy & Wellness

   was founded in 2013 in Fort Collins, Colorado. It

   was a step towards a vision.  A vision of creating 

   a place to support our community,  in many different ways. People are wired to connect.  We live in relationship; relationship  with ourselves,  with our families, and with so many others. Braindrops combines neurobiology and psychology, to understand the "Science of Connection."

Braindrops, who are we?