Consultation and Supervision

for Mental Health Professionals

Consultation and Supervision for Play Therapists 

Consultation and Supervision for School Counselors

​P​lay & Adaptive Information Processing Workshop


​Overview of Synergetic Play Therapy, exploring how play supports adaptive information processing (EMDR). 

Synergetic Play Therapy Institute Trainings

One Foot in Education: Exploring Education Through an SPT Lens   

On-line Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy

Synergetic Play Therapy Supplemental Course

​Six-Day Intensive Synergetic Play Therapy Trainings: ​ 

March 12-14th, 2021 and March 19-21st, 2021 (two weekends) Fort Collins, CO

April 16-18, 2021 and April 23-25th, 2021 (two weekends) Littleton, CO

May 14-16th, 2021 and May 21-23rd , 2021 (two weekends) Fort Collins, CO

June 12-18th, 2021 (one day off in the middle) Littleton, CO

June 26-July 2nd, 2021 (one day off in the middle) Fort Collins, CO

July 9-11th, 2021 and July 16-18th, 2021 (two weekends) McMinnville, OR

July 17-23rd, 2021 (one day off in the middle) Littleton, CO


Workshops and Trainings

for Mental Health Professionals