What participants have shared...

"I've gained awareness of my own reactions to kids’ behavior and other situations…"

"I've begun reflecting on daily element change, and now understand that a child’s behavior is not about me."

"I've learned about Nervous system symptoms and regulation and how to focus on my own regulation."

On-line video series created when schools shut down in 2019. The purpose of these was to support educators in regulating themselves as they faced the overnight shift to virtual education for themselves, their students and their own families. This is an introductory class, as it assumes that educators already had established classrooms that transitioned to on-line learning.

2 - Understanding my

Perception​ of Safety

and Threat

1 - Finding My Ability to 

Regulate With My Students

5 - Expectations and Anxieites: Surfing

the Waves With My Students

3 - Finding Safety 

Within Me


Supporting the development of self-regulation skills as a key focus.

4 - Connecting to Myself So I Can

Stay Connected With My Students


Understanding how reward centers in the brain are activated, can help us use incentives more effectively.

Supporting Schools

Judith Norman is a Licensed School Counselor and Professional Counselor. She has presented and trained Educators and School Counselors throughout Colorado in Mindfulness in Education and Social-Emotional Learning in Schools. She has developed classroom tools and approaches that support the growth of self-awareness, self-regulation, and collaboration. Judith has a background in different mindfulness curriculums, and has received extensive training through the Mindful Education Institute (MEI). Training at MEI included a collaborative group of "experts in the field," including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfeld, Megan Cowan, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Linda Lantieri, and more. 


Available Training for Educators & School Counselors click here to access the Synergetic Education Institute