What participants have shared...

"I've gained awareness of my own reactions to kids’ behavior and other situations…"

"I've begun reflecting on daily element change, and now understand that a child’s behavior is not about me."

"I've learned about Nervous system symptoms and regulation and how to focus on my own regulation."

Supporting the development of self-regulation skills as a key focus.

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child: A Campus-Wide Approach to Meeting the Social-Emotional and Physical Health Needs of Elementary School Children

Understanding how reward centers in the brain are activated, can help us use incentives more effectively.

Supporting Schools

Judith Norman is a Licensed School Counselor and Professional Counselor. She has presented and trained Educators and School Counselors throughout Colorado in Mindfulness in Education and Social-Emotional Learning in Schools. She has developed classroom tools and approaches that support the growth of self-awareness, self-regulation, and collaboration. Judith has a background in different mindfulness curriculums, and has received extensive training through the Mindful Education Institute (MEI). Training at MEI included a collaborative group of "experts in the field," including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfeld, Megan Cowan, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Linda Lantieri, and more. 


Mindfulness In Education: Implementing mindfulness based strategies in the classroom. 

Braindrops: A concept that promotes self-awareness and self-monitoring

The Brain & Nervous System: Using neuroscience to support learning

Available Training for Educators & School Counselors:

Learning Tools: A framework for teaching & supporting self-regulation