As our braindrops move up our bodies, we start to feel the energy moving up and out. Things speed up (like a beta state). This can activate our sympathetic nervous system. When activated, our sympathetic nervous system increases our blood pressure,makes our hearts beat faster and our digestion slows down as energy ​moves to our extremities.

This state, referred to as hypoarousal, can feel relaxing. However, as we slow down, the energy keeps going lower in our bodies. We talk about a cloud forming in the center of our bodies. It gets so heavy it can no longer hold the braindrops, and they start falling, it’s braining. As the braining gets heavier and heavier it creates a mud puddle. Our bodies feel heavy and get stuck.  This is the freeze response. 

We explain this as a swirling in the center of our bodies that can grow more and more intense.  It can feel like a tornado. Braindrops get  sucked up and spin around.  We can spin out of control too. Our actions take the shape of outward movement (toward or away from). This represents a fight or flight reaction.

Alpha is a bit slower and is a state of relaxed, alertness. A state in which we can access creativity and different ways to solve problems. 

Theta is even slower, it reflects the state between  wakefulness and sleep and is associated with the subconscious mind.

As neurons pass information to one another in the brain, electrical impulses are created. Together these electrical charges create brain waves. The frequency of the brain wave indicates how many times neurons are firing and resting per second. Beta activity is fast activity. In beta we are ready to go and get things done.



 We focus on becoming aware of our braindrops  

 and understanding how they impact us. We don't

 just talk about it, we feel and experience it; each

 of us discovering our own self regulation tools. 

When our braindrops move down our bodies we feel the energy coming down. Things slow down (like a theta state). Our parasympathetic nervous system can be activated, and our energy is drawn inward. 


What is a Braindrop?

This state, referred to as hyperarousal, can include a wide spectrum of behaviors. Tying it back to brainwaves, beta waves have the widest of frequencies, and can be broken down into low, mid and high beta states. As our neurons are firing more quickly, upwards of 15 times per second, the energy is going very high in our bodies. Daniel Goleman termed a phrase "amygdala hijacking," that describes our emotional brain taking control of our rational brain. This is one extreme of an activated sympathetic nervous system and a state of hyperarousal. 

A brain cell, also called a neuron

Kids learn that there is always energy moving through our bodies and brains. If we pay attention, we can feel it. This is where the concept of Braindrops fits in. Braindrops represent the energy that is created in our brains, as it moves through our bodies.

When the braindrops are primarily in the center of our bodies, we are in a relaxed, alert state (like an alpha state), we are regulated.

The concept of braindrops provides children a way to understand and gain mastery over what is happening 
in their brains and bodies. Following, is the grown up explanation of braindrops.