School-Based & Professional Programs:

     *Educators & School-Based Mental Health Professionals Training

     *Advanced School-Based Mental Health Professionals Training

     *School-Based Programs (Elements Below)

Neuroscience and the Nervous System                      Blending & Braiding Schoolwide Frameworks     
Strategies Promoting Neural Integration                    Creating Regulatory Spaces & Collecting Data
Trauma-Informed Layered Behavior Plans                  Schoolwide Protocols and Expectations
Differentiated Instruction for Skill Building                 Coaching and On-going support

School-wide Teaming & Complimentary Roles             Implementing Behavioral PLC’s                
Team Communication and Debriefing                         Coaching the Coaches - Building Capacity
Regulatory Paradigm – Braindrops & Learning Tools

Introductory Workshops:

     *Becoming Trauma Aware

     *Implementing Trauma Sensitive Approaches School-Wide

     *Regulation as a Self-Care Necessity

Advanced Workshops:

     *Co-Regulation and Teaching Explicit Skills

     *Working with Highly Dys-Regulated Students

     *Implementing Trauma Sensitive Approaches for Teams

Trauma-Informed School Programs